3700 Active Fanatics


How does Fanatics League work?

  • Predict the winner of each match to score points.

  • Predictions can be entered or changed at any time prior to the nominated cut-off time.

  • Predictions will not be accepted after a match has commenced.

  • Hit the Boost button to score more points. Boost is available only once per round. It can be changed anytime before nominated cut-off time.


Points for correct prediction: 1
Points for incorrect prediction: 0
Points for missed prediction: 0
Points for an unpredicted tie: 1
Boost points for correct prediction: 2
Boost points for incorrect prediction: -1


Can late joiners still play?

  • Yes, default score for late entrants (to get them started) will be a maximum of 4 points per round. Applicable only after Round 1.

  • Default score is applicable for league matches not for knock-out matches.



Results will be published at the end of every round. Check the leaderboard to find your ranking.